Stargazing, dreams and watercolour

The stars come out every night
appearing in the dark
as the sun leaves at the end of day
But does anyone notice them?

The silent trees might
as they whisper to each other
 ... in the stillness of the night
 is there one?
who will take a moment
this night
to sit and ponder
breathe and dream?

The Stargazer...

The Stargazer. Watercolour on Winsor Newton paper. 8.5 x 12"

Theme this week at  Jenn's Artist Playroom challenge #32 is celestial/ stargazing.  Created whilst balanced on my knee, watercolour palette balanced on my laptop, on my footstool,  with my dog hovering underfoot, wondering why there was No Way, she was getting on my lap (she snobbed me later BTW!)

It has otherwise been an eventful week so far: I have been working on items for Reverse Garbage, and experimenting with monotypes ( Like I really needed to try a new art technique - however that is another story!).  I have gone out in sympathy with Tracey - I think we should join forces and buy stocks in the Tissue Companies!  This spring season is bad for all us allergy sufferers - so dry and windy here is Bris Vegas.  I've discovered instagram - that could end up being rather addictive, and I take no notice of my daughters who just roll their eyes at me.

Also, You may recall the QTAC SAGA... well my Dear Daughter #1, after two successful Auditions and interviews on Flute, yesterday received her first notice of intent to offer her a place from Queensland University!!  Big Happy Dance followed, and a celebration dinner (with candles even!)  This is a HUGE deal for her... after 8 years of flute lessons, and countless hours of practise ( I think I worked it out to be well over 4000 hours!),  she has achieved her dream of going to University to study music, on flute.   Although we still may have a issue with QTAC (too difficult to explain here, but just to say bureaucracy and red tape is always a bug bear), we are fairly confident we can work through those pesky tribulations!!

Have a great week!


  1. Dreamy and fabulous!
    I like them!

  2. Love the way the transition occurs in the work and your stargazer is just perfect ...lovely :)

  3. Beautiful painting & words. Wonderful!

  4. Superb pictures! And your first words reminded me of the glory of 'seeing' stars proper for the first time last night for what seems like an age, after all the power went off and we had real darkness. It was wonderful! Like your art :0)

  5. Beautiful fluidity of watercolors in this sky! Love it.

  6. Beautiful imagery and words! And congrats to your daughter - I'm also a flautist and know how much it takes to study music at that level (hence I dropped out and became an artist!!) I wish her all the best! x

  7. Your stargazer is fantastic, so soft. I love it. A huge congrats to your daughter, that is a really big deal. My step son is going to Qld Uni, not for music but we had all the red tape fun too.

  8. What a lovely watercolour and I especially enJOYed seeing it in bits, unfolding. Then, of course, the story and wondrous news of your daughter...

  9. Hi Everyone! I've been super busy, so forgive my individual replies to your FAB comments - but wanted to say thanks for dropping by! :-)
    Linda xoxo

  10. I LOVE this! The gorgeous watercolor treatment with the thoughtful prose.
    Top Notch!

    P.S. We notice the sky!

  11. thanks so much for participating this week, I love your watercolor painting.

  12. Oh this is such a cute and beautiful stargazer. I love the colors and the composition and the wonderful text!

  13. the joys of QTAC are endless... but UQ has a fab department and I am sure your daughter will be so happy there... as to the allergy season... it is horrid this year... and despite the fact that I love my jasmine it is driving us all to sneezing fits...
    your painting is lovely though and I hope like mad you are having the best time in melbourne and are allergy free down there!!!

  14. I love the dreamy feel in your watercolor piece. Blessings!


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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