Greek speaking dogs

Day 4 melbourne dawned with me coughing my lungs up. Or so it seemed... So feeling like death warned up I took myself for a stroll past the pretty carlton cottages to the nearest dr. Having sought directions from a sweet little elderly couple near the library (italian? ), i found the drs. The funny greek or Italian receptionist was helpful, and i was thankful to be seen after a short wait. the lovely Italian dr Maria assured me I wasn't dieing, but had bronchitis... So I popped next door to the little chemist to get my armful of drugs! While waiting I exchanged nods with mr paparadpusis ( well something like that! ) and his Greek speaking elderly Maltese dog... My pharmacist was also Italian and I think we were served by a Swedish Amazonian assistant ( she was Very Tall!!). Overall a very culturally satisfying drs experience!
Having ascertained that I needed food, rest, and medicine we did just that: Lauren made me scrambled eggs on toast, I took my pills and puffer, we had a cuppa and a rest, before heading down to the movies, which had the biggest, roomiest seats Ever!! anyway, Mental is a quintessential Aussie flick, and Toni collette just cracks me up! But I had to controll my guffaws or I'd break out in a fit of coughing!! We then continued our afternoon tradition of stopping at brunetti's, buying art books at the mega book store ( I do realise I need to carry these home on the plane? ), then the proverbial melbourne experience of standing in the rain for the tram!
Thus ends the day: tea, soup and toast, and watching episodes of offspring and saying "we've been there yesterday!" ... As all filmed just around the corner!!

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