Pairs of...

Wednesday... And all is quiet. Which is just as well as I've had my shower, in my pj's and all psyched for a easy night watching some show about gypsy weddings with my DD. I really think she is starting to stretch this whole mother and daughter holiday limits ... But I have an emergency bottle of Shiraz!
Today: the Melbourne zoo!! Loved the orangutans and the giraffes! Orangutans are so fun in pairs- such hooligans!!
other things that are best enjoyed in pairs - pastries of course!
linking to artist playhouse :-)


  1. Well, you are certainly getting around :)

  2. Visiting from APR - gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fun place to visit :0)

  3. Looks like a fabulous day. Love your giraffe.

  4. Adorable giraffe, my bestie's favorite animal. it's quite amazing just how tall they are, eh? What a great trip! Thanks for participating in APR

  5. you had a great time by the looks of it... and more cakes... Melbourne is pastry heaven isn't it... gad you are home though!!!

  6. Thanks for the great photos, and your wonderful drawing. Your colors are wonderful. Your daughter is beautiful. And the pastries, YUM!. Sorry I am so late in commenting, I just posted my entry today!


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