monotypes, mixed media & Melbourne!

Do you ever  just sit?
...still & silent

or lay on the floor with your feet crossed ....

to think, and ponder?

clothing optional?? :-D    This over 40 body definately says, hmmm!

On a gorgeous spring afternoon here, the weather couldn't be better: sunny and warm, with a beautiful cool breeze.   After some art time, I think I'm heading for a cuppa and a quiet sit and read, and Be Still... how about you?

This week: Using monotypes in mixed media... I have had fun  in being experimental!   Life drawing sketches have come in handy too!   These are mostly finished, some need a finishing touch (trimming, or gluing etc).

I am away for a weeks Mother & Daughter Holiday - a whole week in Melbourne!!  Depending on technology issues, I may (or may not) have posts this coming week... we plan on walking all around the arty farty,  chic, hidden secrets of Melbourne arcades, and back streets; a week of coffee, chocolate, food, art and  fashion... and hopefully some travel sketching too! 

My first online interview - read it here at Red Parka...   I think I waaaaaay need another bio pic, but otherwise this was cool.  Made me think about what to write, why I do art, how I do art, etc etc. 

Happy PPF!  (Paint Party Friday)

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Love your comments! 


  1. Love the idea of bringing figure drawing in to your mixed media work. These are great. Not enough time to be still for me, lately which might have inspired my piece this week as you will see..

    1. Hi Debbie - thanks! I agree, we need to take time out to just 'Be'...

  2. I am jealous of you in Melbourne... isn't it a great city... hope you have a great time and come home bursting with inspiration... xx

    1. Hi Tracey - hehe Melbourne is going to be so. much. fun. Although I am unsure about the weather - 27 one day down to 16?? what to pack? Lets hope the inspiration flows along with the cappuccinos!

  3. Nice mixed media pieces!
    I don't know what happened, I used to meditate every day, now I never seem to have the time - I miss it and I know I have to get back to it!
    Congratulations on the interview! HPPF!

    1. Hi Anne and welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Meditation is a artform well worth developing - I hope you do get back to it :-) cheers, Linda

  4. Fabulous! Love how the print figure stands out from the background.

  5. I like the mixed media and the simple figures, they go well together.

  6. Wow! Love each art piece ~ lovely colors ~ and line work ~ enjoy your week away ~ ( A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. These are beautiful. I especially like the second one. Brilliant work. Keep on this idea because it seems to suit you well. Happy PPF

  8. Especially love that first image of sitting quiet and still.
    Have an amazing time in Melbourne!!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. Terrific figure work, love them all. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. How these beautiful bodies stand out on the painted parts behind them!
    Know you will have a super time with your daughter! Enjoy!
    Aren't these types of interviews fun? They really do let us look at our art past, present and futures!

  11. Enjoy your Mother Daughter holiday. Those times are so special. I am in love with your figures and how you grounded them in the mixed media. Happy PPF!

  12. wonderful pieces!
    wishing you a wonderful holiday

  13. nice interview and lovely work...love the book pages.

  14. I love your style! Beautiful!

  15. Thanks so much everyone for your lovely, lovely, comments, and such thoughtful feedback!! You are all fabulous Chicky Babes - just made my day!
    Xxo Linda

  16. Lovely art...the first picture says so much! I just loved it and all your other pictures as well...they say a story!
    HPPF Linda!

  17. Over forty body….over fifty….hmmmm , I don't think I'll try it lol!

    Luv the print background with the blue ink, very lovely work.
    The mother daughter week sound wonderful, have a good time : )

    Annabelle m^._.^m ~^..^~

  18. Awesome drawings! :) Love your style

  19. i need to lay on the floor more and pon der!

    great post. also have fun in melbourne!

  20. Cool idea. I like the way the pattern of words is incorporated.
    Happy Creating.


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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