AED #12 or 13!

A quick post today. Spent the day in the studio : finishing, tagging and wrapping my art 
and items for sale at Reverse Garbage. 
All done and dusted just needs posting now and will be sent with a mix of pride, fear, and hope... 
I feel like pooh here jumping off into the unknown...
and a little shy like this little sketch tonight... 
But know at the end I need to follow my own advise and Be Still...

Christmas cards, bookmarks, small and medium works, encaustic, and badges...And THEN... I can start thinking about Christmas! ( hehe Artist Playroom challenge is Christmas, but seriously I can't think about that for at least a week!)


  1. A wonderful eclectic mix of goodies, very impressive :)

  2. wonderful post and very creative collection of art work ~ Good luck at your event ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Wow - there's a lot of productivity represented here! Some beautiful cards and tags - and I'm with you - just a bit early......BUT the day after Thanksgiving, the bins come out! :)

  4. You created some really good stuff. I am another who has a hard time thinking of Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. Never hurts to have an early nudge though. I can be thinking if not actually making.


  5. I so enjoy seeing all your different types of art. I can understand the hyped up feeling of getting everything ready for a show, but being still is very hard this time of year!

  6. What I enjoy about visiting other blogs is the creativity that I find. Its amazing how talented people are. So much to learn. I liked the idea of drawing over print.......nice. I may try that.

  7. What a lot of lovely work I especially like the pooh badges.

  8. I think we can always use a little of the Christmas Magic. BEautimous productivity here. Sending you calm and reminding you just BREATHE!!

  9. what a wonderful, diverse collection of treasures!


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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