AED 13, watercolour mermaid

Faced with a decided lack of inspiration this afternoon, I drew the first thing I could see on my desk - a small line drawing of a fish... 

Now don't ask me what type of fish as i have no idea! 
But once I had the fish, then what ? And so a mermaid and some coral. 

 I'm not really a mermaid kind of person and this my first ever mermaid, 
but I had a whole hour of uninterrupted drawing and that's all that matters - right? 


This is how she looked part the way through...

whew... love the challenge of Art Every Day... 
apologies for not getting around to everyone, but intend on catching up!  
Birthdays are out of the way, and once groceries are re-stocked (otherwise the troops will be revolting, revolt)... then I can grab a cuppa and have some relaxing time visiting y'all!


  1. she is adorable ~ love the colors too ~ very creative ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. It is hard to stay on top of the visiting. Your mermaid is so sweet. From the expression on the fish's face it looks like the mermaid is tickling him and he likes it.

  3. I'm afraid I'm not staying on top of the visiting either, but didn't want to miss what you have been up to... an uninterrupted hour is a bit luxurious isn't it... great result... I like the fish very much...xx

  4. I think your mermaid is so cute! I truly love this whimsical design. I've always had a thing for mermaids though I think I've only every sketched one. lol My fascination with mermaids came about when I was a young girl and read the story of the 'The Little Mermaid' by Hans Christian Andersen.


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