Face play (AED 14)

This face popped up while playing around...

I don't know her name

Or what she's thinking...

But she is quietly waiting...

Another day of Art Every Day month... I must get around to grabbing a button!
I had a few minutes peace ( hence sketch above)
But not enough... not yet... 
Putting the kettle on, right now!

(For anyone who's interested I used: col erase pencil (brown), watercolour washes, neo colour crayons - metallic blue, metallic yellow, and a neutral browney colour)


  1. Mysterious, and slightly oriental. Wonderful image.

  2. She is beautiful ~ exquisitely created ~ love your art style ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Looks like she is preparing for her wedding day :)

  4. She is lovely, Linda! I also love how you did the background...very nice!

  5. She is beautiful - I am totally drawn to her eyes! (Thank you for stopping by + leaving such lovely comments on my blog) x

  6. you got great shading in the nose area... and that background is very interesting... really makes the work stand out...xx


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