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O.K. so I've already broken my "only use watercolours"... but that only applied in the sketch book - right? Well that's my story anyways :-)
I figure IF I'm going to break my rules, well guidelines, suggestion... then I might as well go all out.
Oil, acrylic, collage, pencil... not much else I could have added!

I have NO idea where this came from - I am Not pregnant.  I don't know anyone who is expecting either.  Anyways there it is...

(This first pic I added sepia digitally... )

Was thinking this should/ could have some words, but then I couldn't think of any...

Not even sure that I like them now.... maybe I need to stop looking at them!

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  1. Lovely work! My daughter just had a baby...hehe

  2. Lovely creations ~ love your mixed media ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Lovely mixed media, interesting motherhood theme here...perfect gift(s) for someone expecting.

  4. Lovely. It's great to break the rules... maybe there's message there? :)

  5. Really pretty, lovely that you used all the mediums with great results!

  6. They are pretty and fabulous backgrounds... I would be slightly worried where the pregnant image came from... glad you cleared up that it isn't you!!!!

  7. What lovely artwork, Linda. I love the soft hues and gentleness found within your pieces. :)

  8. Hi Linda, Beautiful mixture of colour and layers. It's always exciting to 'break the rules' 'specially your own. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely work....my daughter's just had a baby too!

  10. Wow..gorgeous and such charming souls..these are so beautiful! Fabulous!
    happy SS!


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