Start of new watercolour

letting loose with watercolour...

 half a face because that's all that's finished so far; really liking where this is going.  
It's been on my mind now for weeks - 
watercolour, faces, strong line, collage... 

"From the end spring new beginnings." 

Pliny the Elder

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  1. Oh Linda, This is exquisite!! Wonderous things happen when we let loose. ;)
    Can't wait to see the other half.

  2. beautiful eye!!!!!

  3. Intriguing.

    Love the lips, one thing I really struggle with.

  4. You have officially taken my breath away. These watercolors are incredible. I am filled with delight and a touch of envy!

    I am so glad I found you today via Art Every Day Month!

    If you would like to see my post today, please look here!

  5. such a lovely eye... and can't wait to see it progress ... not much beats the purity of the colours with watercolour does it... it just seems to work in this weather as well...xx


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