Watercolour with mixed media

This first little bit will apply to anyone who lives with a chronic illness - just insert the (name) of yours, and read away! :-)

For anyone who was following my little drama day yesterday, today has been very calm and serene - maybe because it's just too hot for anything else!  My ankle is moving more ( yay!), and maybe I was a little melodramatic concerned - but I really like walking!!  That is the funny thing with living with MS - when people ask you 'how are you doing?' it's really hard to answer because maybe right now you are O.K, ( well you actually have a list of symptoms, but while you are still walking & talking you are all good, right?!)  -  but you know that twinge, dropsy foot, or pain in your head, could be heralding a major attack that puts you in hospital for a fortnight... maybe it's just me but sometimes I just rather go with the melodramatic reality check moment,  put off for another day remember to take my meds, go see the Dr drink a glass of shiraz, and get it all out of my system, and have it be a false alarm!  But maybe that's just me! 
(On another note: I cant find ANY one regularly blogging about living with MS, or even any Artists with MS?  Are there none? Are they all In The Closet? If you are out there - say Hi!!)

It's the 30th of November here - so for us in Australia it is the last day of creative Every Day.
Wow - can't believe we are at the end of November already!  This was a really fun challenge to participate in, I 'met' lots of new, creative people, and got to see lots of new and interesting projects that people are working on!

Watercolour Spash!
Still loving these watercolour play times...  and I really like adding extra lines, colours and doodles with crayon, charcoal, pen, wax... I've even started gluing on bits of lace  too!  I have  added a little bit of shading around the eyes in the little girl above, and extra lines added around the lace ( but I'm not going into the hot studio just now to re-scan so you'll just have to trust me on that!)

My daughter thinks this gal has attitude and that I must have 'modelled' it after her sister... as a 17 year old never has attitude it couldn't possibly be her - right? (wink wink)

Hope all Brisbanite readers stay cool, near a pool or airconditioning- it's hot hey!
A big shout out to Paint Party Friday   and also linking to In The  Studio Sneak Peak Friday


  1. GORGEOUS! LOVE it ! fabulous colors!
    Happy PPF!

  2. It was very sauna-like today. They say Monday or Tuesday is going to be a lot worse. :(

    I'm so glad to have met you via AEDM...I've add you to my sidebar so I don't lose track. We Brisbanites have to stick together, right? ;)

    Your art is beautiful! Btw, I have an artist friend with MS who blogs. Jennifer does some great coloured pencil work and lives in Scotland.

    Have a cool weekend ~ xo

  3. Gorgeous artwork!
    You are such an inspiration.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Beautiful artwork and loving the fab colourings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Thanks for stopping by my brain :). I like your Be Still canvas. I blog to share my creativity and throw my occasional MS bits in randomly.
    Stay inspired!

  6. Great works! Love your paintings. They are truly beautiful! Happy PPF!

  7. Love these, you are inspiring.

  8. Your paintings are beautiful with their lovely soft and fresh colors.

  9. Your art is gorgeous!! I love your style. I hope you can find some other artists and/or bloggers out there with MS. I just did a little search and found this. Not sure if you'd seen it already: http://www.msbloggers.com/

  10. Your paintings are beautiful, i love them all :) I am a fellow Brisbanite reader keeping cool with the air conditioning on!!!

  11. Love your creations, beautiful and very skillfully done, shows talent to make them look so effortless! Happy PPF!!

  12. Your drawings are delightful despite all the aches, pains and worry that you have.

  13. I think your watercolor experiments are fantastic!

  14. lovely drawings! I like them!

  15. How nice to start the nice warm weather... we are getting cold around here.
    Very nice portrait of the girl ♥

  16. Glad you're feeling a little bit better--love all the soft colors here--

  17. I love your art work - love the water colours.


  18. Both of your gals are wonderful. I absolutely am in love with both of them. Blessings, Janet PPF


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