Whats for Breakfast? Watercolour Hibiscus

Funny days
Warning: This post may use the words poo & bum, and cause outright laughter...

What did you have for breakfast? Sometimes my days are very boring, and not much happens.  Other days...

It started yesterday.  During a fab day out Christmas shopping with a girlfriend I developed a sore ankle - which I naturally ignored - never let a foot impediment get in the way of a good Girls Day Out!  Then later that night, exhausted, and with Hubby just getting home at 6.45, and no dinner on the table - I said - well lets just have waffles!  SO there were were at 8.00pm at night having waffles, and cream and maple syrup - for Dinner!! (At least they were sourdough, and have eggs in them... I won't mention the vast quantities of fat in the butter.  or cream. Not if you don't. )

Anyway - My sore ankle? is still sore... this morning I discovered it has a reduced range of motion.  So what? Well after a quick google check - don't you love google - it has ALL the answers!  I have spasticity in that left foot now it seems. Yucky yucky yuck poo bum.  (I DID warn you!)
So what?  Well I have MS (Multiple sclerosis) (If you don't know what that is go and google it.  Try wikipedia.  I'll wait)...

So - this is my First sign of progression since 2006,  I'm not happy 'bout that.  Which means today is now a designated "rest, stay cool, and no stress day"... Right... other than paying the bills, taking the framed art to the shop, returning a broken frame to K-Mart, and the FN (fortnight) grocery shop?  With a heat wave coming.  Well 30 is a heat wave for me...    Hmmm my list of things to do is huge, and now I need to make dr appointments, and think about treatment for spasticity -which means physio, or doing stretches myself, which will still take more time out of my day - groaning melodramatically -
why is life never simple?  

O.K. need to stop thinking about the list. It's making me stressed just thinking about it.  Right then - No lists. They are evil.  (Except when you read other peoples lists on Aimees List it Tuesday :-).

I Breathe. Nice thoughts. watching the birds enjoy the bird bath.  Oh, and see the cat watching them through the window - cute.  But  I know what he wants to do - go outside and eat them.  Don't think about the psycho teenager Alpha Male Cat who wants to go outside and hunt...or the fact that both the cat litter trays really, really do need freshening up... or the cat hair dust bunnies I know are there somewhere if I look... nope not looking.

Instead Look at the pretty flowers in the vege garden...without thinking of the fruit fly that have already stung the tomatoes, which requires a trip to Bunnings to buy fruit fly traps, or netting, or napalm... and definitely don't think about the 28 spotted lady beetle that you know is lurking on your eggplant leaves having a munch...

Thinking about munching...Hmmm getting hungry - time for breakfast.  At least we have bread (it's only just a little stale), and eggs, and milk ( just enough for a coffee).. which I'll surely need if I am to be superwoman and figure out what I can do with the 2 wrinkled apples, and a sad lemon, I can see in the fruit bowl...  Nope can't be bothered with the eggs - there is just enough waffle batter left for 1 more - and THAT's what I had for breakfast!

Thanks to everyone for all your comments!  I look forward to them every morning :-)
Should I mention? Prints available of this gorgeous Gal "Hibiscus Dreaming" (the original is currently on consignment, and is 9 x 12" mixed media on strathmore)...just contact me! And my second commissioned work was just collected by a very happy customer! Thankyou!!

P.S. Mum - I'm FINE!!

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  1. Love your S.O.H. keep it up girl.

  2. That sounds like quite the day... hope you have a great physio down your way... I know a fab one in Birkdale if you are happy to drive up there ... but ankle aside that all sounds quite normal to me... naplam shopping at bunnings is nothing new... and waffles almost qualify as health food around here some days... chin up and stay cool... how did you not buy a place with a pool??? we are heading out there right now...xx

  3. WOW! Love Hibiscus Woman. I love drinking Hibiscus Tea. When I do, I feel like she looks. Thanks for the smile. I enjoyed your post.

  4. This is very lovely, I really enjoyed it x

  5. What a day! Waffles would work for brekkie! Your Hibiscus girl is gorgeous! Sorry about your ankle. I didn't know you had M.S.....do rest up and, yes, definitely no stress. xx

  6. Beautiful watercolor! Enjoy a day of rest...the other will take of itself. Hugs Nan 114

  7. beautiful watercolor sketch. i love hibiscus flowers.

    glad you are taking the time for some rest and relaxation!

  8. Your watercolours are gorgeous, Linda.
    SQUEEE! So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x
    PS Potty humour is my favourite!

  9. Oh your watercolors are awesome. I totally understand your MS concerns. I was "not diagnosed" with MS prior to 2000. Humm what does that mean....well It means I have the lesions, but the symptoms never got worse, so the Doctor told me she would not dx me with it, because of the problems associated.... Every time something odd happens.....my mind goes astray with worry. Here is praying that, your symptoms never get worse...and the heat stays away....or you manage to stay away from the heat! Bless you,

  10. Beautiful watercolors, such a creative outlet. And welcome to the wonderful world of MS. Your art will be such as blessing. All the best.

  11. Congratulations on these wonderful expressions of color from deep within you. Welcome to the wonderful world of MS. I thought I had Primary Progressive MS, but my doctor told me I don't have enough columns of information to place the diagnosis as a full 340, but as a 341. My fingers and feet tingle, I shuffle when I walk, I forget half of what I used to remember, and I'm ready to have my 23rd nap of the day. But I guess I don't have it. Writing keeps me going. You are blessed with a deep talent. Good luck and blessings.

  12. Linda~
    Your artwork is beautiful, and your writing if fun!


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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