Smooth sailing

Studio orgainisation - I am STILL at it!
sorting through 
Stuff to give away
Books to sell...
..."Oh Mum!" my girls say...
"You're rearranging the studio, Again?"

Anyway,  I thought I had better actually give the New and Improved
set-up a try out last night while My Man is off camping!

He is off with the boys for a fishing weekend
And it is freezing mind you - being our winter
And it is Raining!
So I am totally glad they have gone and I'm home all nice and warm!


I don't think I love him quite that much to go camping, and fishing, in the cold and wet!
I much rather love:
hot chai tea with
sourdough Chocolate Cake
Which surprisingly worked a treat considering I left out three ingredients!
(Tip to self: DO NOT try cooking while chatting to a girlfriend! Because You obviously cannot do both at the same time!)

Large recycled  postage tag, acrylic, pencil, stamps, gel pen, gesso

The new set-up worked well...except as I type my cat figures the position of the art desk is a perfect runway and launcing pad for him to access the cat flap to his outdoor run at a gazillion miles an hour to check out the bird... 
that might not work (for me anyway!) if there is wet paint and water pots out!
I'll be around for a relaxing blog visit later today!  Sharing this with Sunday Sketches :-)
Have a relaxing, and warm, Sunday afternoon!
xo L.


  1. lovely work, enjoy your 'me' time!

  2. I love all movement you created with the swirly shapes. Happy Sunday Sketches!

  3. Beautiful artwork, love the colours and mood you've created.. :) hope the cat finds a new runway.

  4. I really like this piece - so much to look at and the colours are lovely. Enjoy your me-time!

  5. Beautiful tag, love the colors and the feeling! <3

  6. oh wow!!!! I really love this!!! what a great piece!!!

  7. Love the colors and the movement in the piece! Beautiful work!

  8. Pretty colors! I love the glimps of your work table!! I love seeing peoples work spaces. Happy Organizing and Happy Sunday Sketches!!

  9. It is fun to arrange and rearrange our workspace. I love this piece. All of the colors lines make it so interesting to look at. I can just feel the movement. Enjoy your me time. We all need it.

  10. wow sourdough chocolate cake, i have never heard of that. so glad it turned out.
    your art is a joy to see. i don't have an art room, but i still need to organize EVERYthing ;-)

    camping in the cold and wet is not appealing to me either....

  11. Never heard of sourdough chocolate cake either. Love the art piece, the patterns & the blending of the colours. Very impressive.

  12. Linda this is wonderful. I love the boat and wispy, bright colors. Thank you for joining us. :)

  13. I know I am terribly late to comment on this, but loved it so much, I just had to! Just excellent, that's all I can say:-)


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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