When it's cold out!

It's cold.
Well not to put too fine a point on things - its freezing!
Barely reached 13 degrees, and with drizzly rain... a great day for staying side, drinking tea, and looking out the window.

Whatever happened to the clear blue skies, with a crisp morning, turning into nice warmth in the sun - the usual Brisbane winter's I dream about! I am ever hopeful they will return tomorrow - 19 degrees is much more civilised.

I have totally neglected my studio this week.  It is simply too cold in there!   Thinking I should just make a posy in the corner of the family room.  Right under the reverse cycle air con - of course!

But being inside, and having re-camped myself (for work though, not fun) in the much warmer family room, it is a good chance to consider how we use the different spaces in the home.    Why should the studio be the coldest & hottest room in the house? A little oil and turps, a few paint splatters, a little spilled water... nothing to worry about. really. I could set up an art easle right here. Maybe I will!

Here is an oil painting that I've been looking at this week, that I painted last year.  I still like it... which is a good thing!

I really need to get back into the art groove - there are so many fantastic opportunities around!

Sharing with Paint Party Friday.   And if you are Brisbane I hope you have a nice warm spot for snuggling under a blanket!

Where's your best spot, or best tip, to be creative when it's cold out ( and in!) ?

xo L.


  1. Hope the weather improves, although in the uk drizzly rain and 13c is a bit of a heatwave Ha! I love tea and your teapot is gorgeous, I like the little cranberry glass beside it, you have painted the reflection beautifully.

  2. It's miserable and rainy here in western Canada too!! But that can change on a dime. I prefer it cool to hot anyway. I create in my family room all year around!!

    Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. We are3 in the middle of a bad storm, the snow has arrived and its going to get worse they say! Ive moved my compter desk next to the fire and have taken over the dining room table so I can keep warm. But I know what you mean, the cold tends to lower the creative urge. Love your painting it is beautiful.

  4. Yep, I'm freezing in Brissie too and I have moved into the family room just like you. I used to use the dining room when I was painting with oils but my nice white tiles and the grout turned blue with paint splatters, so I was made to keep it in the art room. I now paint in acrylic and water colours just so I can keep warm. he he.
    I love your painting, the teapot is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful painting. My studio is also a cold place in winter. I moved the things I use most into large plastic containers and worked at the dining room table (covered with lots of plastic).

  6. Your painting is beautiful, love the haziness of it.
    I know, I'm missing the sun too! I painted my SOC-piece this week in front of the reverse-cycle air con .... Put some plastic on the floor and it went really well ...

  7. Beautiful oil painting. I'd say start with a hot drink or two and think warm thoughts! It seems unfair that we are starting summer and you are so freezing.

  8. Beautiful still-life; lovely tints you've mixed.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. Your painting is lovely - I like how the subjects are positioned off to the side. Your winter sound much like our summer! It's also raining and miserable here but as its summer solstice we should really be expecting some sunshine!!

  10. It was miserably cold wasn't it... I hid in my reading chair and used the dog like a little furry hot water bottle... but today is glorious... and thanks for sharing this painting... nice composition...xx

  11. Lovely painting, great colors and composition!

  12. i hope you get warm soon! the painting is wonderful! Must be nice to have a nice cup of hot tea. :)

  13. Yes I am freezing in Brissie too! Like Denthe, in front of the reverse cycle air con, with my jumper on too, it's colder inside that out!! Paper Rainbow comment made me laugh! Coming from the UK, last year i didnt notice the winter, but I have definitely acclimatized!! Love your teapot and the reflection from the glass :)


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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