Art of Children

There is something special about the art of Children ( and the young at heart!).   Their different way of looking at the world is reflected in their drawings.   I love looking at their colour choices, and line drawing.  It should not be labeled simplicity, because that might suggest  a lesser level of artistry, although often the lines are simplified.   But rather it seems to be they come to their art from a different perspective, which in many ways seems instinctual.
This first drawing is watercolour texta on watercolour paper.  It was  a 'Fun Art' exercise from week 1, where the class was instructed to create a drawing using various marks and patterns, and then it was washed with a wet brush, or sprayed with misted water to allow the colours to bleed.  The purpose was to 1. determine the limits of using textas in this way, 2. to explore mark making in general and patterns in particular, 3. create an imaginary scene.  I just loved this one for the combination of colours, the use of pattern to show the fine intricate detail of the foam in the crashing wave.


This second one is a drawing from week 3's skill lesson on contour drawing.  I love the simplicity and economy of line.  Just superb.  If you saw this in a art gallery with the name Picasso under it, you wouldn't think twice.   What was the artist drawing?  What do you think of when you look at this?   It doesn't matter what she was drawing.  What does matter is how it makes you feel when you look at it.

There are many more lovely examples of art happening in the class, and  I could have easily choosen any of the others to show here.   As we start week 4 of Bright Wings of Summer Art Class, I am very excited to see what the next four weeks bring, and I am very proud of all the students achievements to date! 
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