Been there, watercolours

Been there, Done That...

Been there, done that. Mixed media on arche watercolour paper.  8 x 10"

1. Travelled the world ( in my dreams)
2. Born in Darwin, Australia
3. Married - twice
4. Children - 2+ - Yours, mine and 'ours' - done the whole step mother thing. Not Fun.
5. Got my teachers degree, external, whilst also being mum
6. Homeschooled 1 child right through 5 years of highschool ( and 1 to go!)
7. Raised chickens, hatched chicks, watched puppies and kittens grow, kept a vege garden
8. Sourdough Queen - bread, waffles, pancakes, brioche... you name it!
9. Jumped off a creek ledge into a crystal clear, sparkling rainforest pool
10. Said I'd never get another pet. ever. 2 dogs, and 2 cats later... I still mean it! :-)
11. Seen: KISS, Elton John, Billy Joel, U2, Midnight Oil ( Aussie band) in concert

edit: added just now...
A thought about getting it 'right'.  SOMEWHERE today, I was reading someones blog - but for the life of me I can't rememebr who, where, or what (sorry) but the gist of it all was: don't stress the small stuff, don't wait till everything is perfect, ideal, the stars all in allignment, etc... just do it.  Whatever 'it' might be... and in relation to art - don't worry that what you create is not perfect, creative, be free, make a mark, play and experiment.  That is just what I've been doing.. and I've never enjoyed myself more; or been more happy with the results.  Now I KNOW these are not perfect.  But they were not supposed to be.  I know the eyes are wonky, etc etc (I'm not going to list all the perceived faults I see)... but hey - go look at Modigliani's eyes, or Picasso's faces... it really doesn't matter.  
Wonkyness = character.  It speaks of who you, and I, am as an artist.  Our expressive brushmark.  I hope my left side brain is listening to me!
Final thought: Be kind to your art.

Untitled. Mixed media.  slightly larger, shown matted to 8 x 10 in 11 x 14" frame.

Both works available for purchase, contact me for details.

Start of New Watercolour 1st post here

To find out why I started Watercolour Splash - read it here

A big shout out to  Aimee @ List it Tuesday
Leah @ AEDM: Creative Every Day


  1. First of all, lovely watercolors!!! Oh dear, two marriages!!! Thought I'd die with just the one not working out : ) (Actually...so glad that is over...having much more fun now)
    I can't say no to sourdough OR neglected pets.

  2. on no - I'm still married to Hubby No. 2!! Oh dear - something lost in translation it seems! xo L.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list! Sourdough something sounds pretty yummy for brekky this am! :)

  4. I love your spirit! She is lovely, you've done it all! Jumping into the rain forest pool just sounds amazing!

  5. I agree. Just play and have fun. :) Great list! I'd love to jump in a rainforest pool as well.

  6. #9 sounds like so much fun! I love swimming.

  7. Great meeting you in bloggyland.

  8. Oooh..."Be kind to your art." I love that (and very much need to remember it!) Love your paintings. The faces are just gorgeous. Love the list, too. Sounds like a great life to me!

  9. I love to see all the different ways artists draw faces. And when I try, yes - they're wonky, too. And I enjoy them! Sounds like a fun household! Congrats. on the homeschooling. {:-Deb

  10. The rainforest pool sounds wonderful! And love your faces!

  11. Well, a few thoughts..it's possible it was my blog that spoke to doing your own thing and not stressing... and let me just say that your watercolors . . ...PERRRRR-FECT! Love, love, love them..My labels on my art say 'my work is not perfect, nor is it meant to be..that is part of my journey'...jump on my magic carpet Linda..

    1. Hi - thanks for dropping by and I like your art labels! Hmmm no wasn't yours... I'll go searching again and if I can backtrack I'll post the blog in question that got me thinking!

  12. great list, no more pets aside... and like the add on... being kind is essential in art making... I for love love the wonks... makes it look like me...xx

  13. love the very last bit - 'be kind to your art' Wonderful advice. I love your list and your art is amazing!

  14. I'm with you, Linda. Wonkiness = character = true beauty.
    How have you been since Blogtoberfest? I just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12.
    Would be so rapt if you joined us!
    There’s a little giveaway too. :-)
    Details here: http://isawyoudancing.blogspot.com.au/p/reverb12.html
    Take care
    Kat xxx

  15. Oh thank you for that last! It's a lovely, lovely thought and a helpful one for me. (I'm writing an imperfect book at the moment ... and my watercolours are never perfect.)

    I love the paintings. Gorgeous.

  16. I love the way you think. Awesome list and awesome post!


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