Dreaming of Tuscany

If I were to make a wish list for this Christmas it would include:
Double French doors for my garage, with a view out the studio, oh but that means moving to somewhere picturesque, hmmm maybe the mountains? But then I don't like the cold, so maybe sub tropical, oh but then they get storms, and if I'm making a wish list lets make it worthy, 
so how about a...

farm house in Tuscany with a gorgeous view over fields of lavender

...with a gardener to look after the organic garden and free range chickens, and our house cow

...and an ideally located studio

 Coming back to reality for just one moment - 

my wish list for Christmas is simple: 
great food, family, friends, and relaxing with a great book, with peace and calm, and coolness, while sipping Shiraz from the fridge to the funky jazz softly playing the background...

Watercolour Splash 1

AEDM, (day #20)...As the first start to my self imposed watercolour restriction, I have three quick 'play' sketches.
Flowers seem to be a current theme... It is almost summer after all

don't try to use neocolour II crayons for watercolour wash background on cheap paper

Discoveries so far:
- o.k. first the obvious- watercolour loves water! Pre wetting the paper ( either a little or a lot), then dropping the pure colour on the page, and allowing it to self blend gets great results.
- this requires a certain amount of patience! No fiddling allowed - 
walk away and just let it do its thing!
- although you can use any sketch book, or paper, you really do get better results on 
watercolour paper. 
-I really like adding the loose black lines - sometimes first, sometimes after

These three sketches were in my small cheapy sketchbook... Good enough for experimenting, but when it came to the neocolor II's they wouldn't dissolve into watery colour, it stayed flat.
 Also the pilot V pen which normally runs with water, just wouldn't at all! (see daisys above ) 

Tip: The better the paper the more water you can use! 

To find out why I started Watercolour Splash - read it here

How's everyone going with AEDM? Whew -  visiting as many creative folk as I can!  
Its been great to get my butt brush in action :-)

A big shout out to  Aimee @ List it Tuesday
Leah @ AEDM: Creative Every Day


  1. Your marked out lines crack me up! Thanks for the chuckle. Visiting from AEDM. Cheers!

  2. I like your Christmas wishes, both sets :). Your watercolors are lovely. There's a bit of mystery in putting the water down and seeing where it goes and trusting in that moment... Nicely done!

  3. It's all lovely, but I especially liked your watercolour flowers... thank you for posting them :D

  4. enjoyed reading your processes - love the flowers in the field. there is so much you can do with watercolours!

  5. Your Christmas list makes me think of the movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun'! Brought a lovely wave of warmth to this very chilly New England morning I'm having :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such beautiful watercolors! Love your list...enjoy the Shiraz!

  7. Lovely watercolours, it's nice to dream too!

  8. Any wish list that includes Tuscany is a great list in my book. Loving all your watercolor art!

  9. fabulous list and I LOVE your watercolors!

  10. Such lovely watercolors!! I was in Tuscany 2 years ago and visited an artist's studio much like what you described, with a gorgeous view!! She was British and it was an old, crumbling building with several different kinds of stone on the facade and she shared the building with a metal artist!
    A wonderful wish!!

  11. Be careful what you wish for - you may just get it ;)

    Love the illustrations.

  12. Paper can make a difference and ruin a piece but in your case all I see is beauty. You've done a great job on the flowers and I love your dream about Tuscany. Count me in! I'll visit you in that studio near the lavender fields. :)

  13. I fantasize like that too my art space is in the basement lucky you have your images in your mind to satisfy the desire. Besides if we're surrounded by too much beauty we might forget to create.

  14. Your paintings are beyond awesome! And the list...well.. can I sneak in and hide in your suitcase...I want to go where you go..

  15. Tuscany sounds nice, but a simple Christmas is good too. Have fun with the watercolors! {:-Deb

  16. Great watercolors and FAB dream list. I like a list that's short and sweet and direct - hope you get everything you want some day....

  17. I enjoyed reading your post as much as seeing your lovely painting! What a great countryside! Who wouldn't want to live in that idyllic bliss!

  18. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us at Inspire Me Monday!
    Your work is awesome!

    Congratulations - you've been featured at

    Create With Joy

  19. Lovely watercolored list. Inspires me to try more painting. Thank you for sharing! Now I want to re-watch "Under the Tuscan Sun."


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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